Advanced Corporate Coaching

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For individuals and corporations who want to take their coaching skills to the next level, the Global Institute of Organizational Coaching (Global IOC) offers an Advanced Corporate Coaching program.  This program provides participants with advanced coaching skills that develop the ability to coach in increasingly complex and challenging situations within a business context.  Participants will learn the Global IOC Coaching Model™ developed from the latest research and best practices in coaching.

Curriculum components include the selection and use of assessments in coaching, resources to advance coaching knowledge and practice leading to mastery and acceleration of client success, and a series of development resources to help coaches grow their own coaching business.  The program structure is a blend of virtual highly interactive sessions along with self-paced independent learning.  One to one supervision with master certified faculty deepen and enhance the coaching practice.  A portfolio submission includes a project focused on a topical area of interested to the candidate.

WABC Level 2 - CBCWABC Accredited Program (Level 2 – CBC)™ 

We are excited to announce that our Global IOC Advanced Corporate Coaching program has been awarded the prestigious global distinction WABC Accredited (Level 2 – CBC)™.

The WABC Accredited™ mark signifies that our program has met the highest global standards for business coaching training programs as set by the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches ™ (WABC™) the leading global authority for the business coaching industry. The rigorous assessment process Global IOC underwent was designed exclusively for business coaching programs and built around evidence-based business coaching competencies. For our program to maintain this designation, we have to engage in regular re-evaluation to ensure our program stays relevant and continues to meet the highest global standards for business coach training programs.

An added bonus of getting our program accredited by WABC™ is that graduates of our program are eligible to receive their own individual qualification from WABC™, namely WABC Certified Business Coach™ (CBC™). Receiving the CBC™ qualification means they have successfully completed our program and can then be accepted as a WABC™ member (no other examinations are required by WABC™ to receive CBC™). You may learn more about the CBC™ eligibility requirements from WABC™.

Ideal Participants/Candidates

  1. Organizational leaders and managers
  2. Coaching psychologists expanding practice
  3. Consultants and coaches working in a business context
  4. Human Resource leaders and managers
  5. Internal coaches advancing coaching knowledge and skills


  • Continue to deepen learning and practice by advancing coaching skills
  • Expand credibility as a coach
  • Interaction with peers working at an advanced level
  • Interaction with peers to grow practice skills
  • Deeper exploration of behavioral taxonomies
  • Supervision by CMBC™ coaches to grow and advance skills
  • Self-paced blend of virtual training and coaching supervision
  • Limited class size


The Global IOC Coaching Program is led by Dr. Peggy Marshall, a WABC™ Certified Master Business Coach (CMBC™) and Senior Research Fellow at University of Wales Trinity St. David.  Dr. Marshall brings over twelve years of organizational coaching and development of a world-class internal coaching program with a Fortune 100 firm.  As faculty are added, they will also hold the CMBC™ designation.

Key Learning Goals

  • Change theories and change adoption cycles and their application to coaching practice
  • Understanding and incorporating advanced habit development strategies into coaching
  • Understanding reliability, validity, ethics and rigor in assessment selection
  • Integration of assessment results into coaching practice
  • Integrating Neuroscience principles in coaching practice
  • Consistent advancement of coaching knowledge through multiple evidence-based sources
  • Integrating current research on coaching practice related topics
  • Adopting a systems perspective when problem solving
  • Utilization of resources to keep abreast of corporate culture, strategic messages, and strategy documents
  • Understanding the formation of beliefs and attitudes and impact on growth
  • Incorporating open and closed mindsets and behaviors into coaching practice
  • Incorporating motivation principles into coaching practice
  • Analyzing and synthesizing client competencies for factors in breakdown and success
  • Engaging clients in adoption and execution of corporate strategies and processes
  • Facilitating and coaching groups
  • Leveraging performance improvement strategies in coaching

Tracks and Formats*

The Global IOC Advanced Corporate Coaching Program is offered in two tracks (fast and assessment only) and two venues (live and virtual).  The Fast Track is for participants who have a minimum of the RCC™ designation requirements.

The Assessment Only track is for participants who have a coaching designation equivalent to the requirements for the Advanced Corporate Coaching program.  A submission of coaching logs, prior coaching related learning, and coaching oversight will be reviewed during the interview process which demonstrates achievement of this level.

ProgramFast-TrackAssessment Only


Previous coach training and practice equivalent to the RCC™ is required.  The Advanced Corporate Coaching Program (Fast Track) is offered virtually in one and a half hour sessions for 16 weeks and live in two three-day meetings.  There is an additional self-study requirement of 48 hours for the virtual and 32 hours for the live class.  One to one coaching oversight by CMBC™ coaches is provided twice monthly in one-hour sessions with group peer coaching held monthly.  Participants will submit a project along with portfolios of work completed, coaching logs, and oversight to complete the course.

Global IOC Advanced Corporate Coaching Program
Coaching Skill
Coaching OversightCoaching Practice

Virtual (16 weeks):
1.5-hour virtual training sessions

Weekly 3 hours of self-study


Bi-monthly one hour 1:1 coaching session with CMBC™ faculty

One-hour peer group coaching sessions

Coaching Practice with individuals in a business coaching environment
Live (16 Weeks):
2-Three-Day Sessions
Week 1 and Week 9
Two hours self-study

One hour 1:1 coaching session with CMBC™ faculty

Monthly: One-hour peer group sessions

Coaching Practice with individuals in a business coaching environment
Integrative Learning Portfolio-Weekly reflections and self-study assignments submitted at the completion of the coach development program.

*Fast-Track, and Assessment only options are available with best fit determination made by faculty.


” It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. ” ~ Albert Einstein

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