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Aspiring coaches come to the Imago coaching program from a variety of backgrounds with the intention of building and advancing coaching skills. The Imago coach training program is designed for individuals and teams who want to attain and expand coaching skills both within an organization and with external customers, enhance effectiveness as a coach and connect coaching to embracing, making and sustaining change.

What & Why?

Coaching is first about the connection between the coach and client that leads to both a supportive and challenging environment. Without a relationship between the coach and client. coaching often remains superficial and does not deliver on expected results. Next, clarifying what is most important to the client lays the foundation for successful outcomes in coaching. Successful coaching is also based upon conversations that both deepen learning and understanding of self and the world. Ultimately, coaching challenges individuals to develop and grow into the best version of themselves. In a corporate setting, leaders and managers also help to remove challenges so that peak performance can be achieved. Finally, coaching requires a commitment and follow-though on action steps to achieve goals.

What We Believe

We believe that coaches act as a catalyst for change through a consistent and confident focus on strengths and while managing to areas for growth. We facilitate learning rather than teaching, provide a conduit for and place emphasis on unlocking potential and maximizing performance while assigning ownership of outcomes to the client.

The Imago Coaching program begins with a proprietary model for coaching based upon guidelines established by WABC™ and the larger body of coaching research. The model delineates core competencies believed to be essential for demonstrating expertise in coaching while providing coaching oversight that allows for practice that grows exceptional coaching skills.

” It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. ” ~ Albert Einstein

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