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I have learned so much about the coaching practice and process. The tools are wonderful, and I have been able to quickly apply the learnings and tools during my coaching practice. I have grown in the way I approach the coaching relationship with external clients as well as my direct reports. I also have found in my daily interactions that I am more curious, open and encouraging. The staff has been great and are very supportive and responsive to my needs and questions. A very good investment with immediate returns and applications. Thanks for a great experience!

Jennifer L. Voit, M.S.

Director, Specialty Ambulatory Pediatrics

Nationwide Children’s

The core coach training took my coaching to a new level.  I feel more qualified to engage my clients in their own development and success.  What is covered and how it is covered is phenomenal.  I have grown in that I am more focused in my conversations and have become more balanced with logic and emotion.   I frequently use the tools and resources provided for integrating into my coaching.  They allow me to pivot in my conversations to help my clients discover new insights and ideas.

Carla Jimenez

RVP, Nationwide Financial Services

Peggy’s thoughtful insights were invaluable in guiding me to understanding my clients more, and how to best engage them. In addition to that, she modeled for me a great approach to coaching along the way. I am more patient and attempt to view the challenges my clients face less reflexively as a problem solver, but rather listen more actively to their concerns and get to the root of the issue before mutually working towards a successful outcome. I enjoyed it tremendously as it has prepared me for better advisor interactions in my current role, and hopefully for my next leadership-oriented role at my company.

Ian Weatherall

RVP, Nationwide Financial Services

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