The Global Institute-Imago Performance Partnership

The Global Institute for Organizational Coaching (GIOC) is the coach training team of Imago Performance Consulting Group.  The purpose of this website it to help individuals and businesses decide which coaching program is a best fit for the individual or organization and to navigate easily through all the options. There are three offerings each aligned with a coaching designation from the WABC™.  This is important because the designations demonstrate that the participant or organization has achieved coaching competency based upon a framework established by a global authority in business coaching; the curriculum was developed from evidence-based coaching knowledge and practices; and the program is overseen by master coaches who have earned the highest level of coaching certification.

The three levels of coach training available from GIOC are:

  • Core
  • Advanced
  • Customized

All three levels are described in detail under each website tab but essentially core is for individuals with little or no experience in coaching and the advanced training is for individuals who have completed training with an accredited training program or have extensive coaching practice.  The customized program has been designed to align the coaching case studies, practice sessions, and oversight sessions with the specific topic areas.  All the Imago faculty have achieved the Certified Master Business Coach (CMBC™) designation from the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC™) or are working towards it.