Global IOC Managing Directors

The Global IOC Managing Directors are a group of committed coaches and leaders who are leveraging expertise from a variety of experiences including large and small business, government, entrepreneurship, academia and health care.  The majority of the directors have worked in Fortune 100 businesses as well as been instrumental in guiding the success of small businesses.  The depth of global experiences of the group provides candidates and seasoned coaches with vantage points from which to invest in their own growth and development.


Global IOC Managing Directors:

Peggy Marshall Ph.D., CMBC™

Dr. Marshall is the President and CEO of Imago Performance Consulting Group, LLC & The Global Institute of Organizational Coaching. The Imago Performance Consulting Group focuses on helping organizations design and deploy change processes that lead to greater profitability…. READ MORE

Diana Jones Ritter, CBC

As a Managing Director of Imago Performance Consulting Group and faculty of The Global Institute of Organizational Coaching, Diana Jones Ritter advances the teaching and practice of coaching with immediately detectable passion and enthusiasm… READ MORE

” It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. ”

-Albert Einstein

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