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Peggy Marshall Ph.D., CMBC™

Dr. Marshall is the President and CEO of The Imago Performance Consulting Group, LLC and The Global Institute of Organizational Coaching. The Imago Performance Consulting Group focuses on helping organizations design and deploy change processes that lead to greater profitability, effectiveness, and ultimately work satisfaction. Responding to rapidly changing business environments, offerings are directed towards driving and sustaining accelerated change, preventing the high financial costs of poor performance, developing and retaining key talent, closing knowing-doing gaps and providing just-in-time development. Aligning the most recent research and evidence available in organizational behavior and development with informed best practices results in Imago proprietary models which guide individual and group change processes resulting in performance that exceeds expectations.
The Global Institute of Organizational Coaching provides premier coach development offerings from core to master programs leading to coach certification and communities of practice that include a range of offerings for the continued practice development of seasoned coaches.

In a former role at a Fortune 100 company, Dr. Marshall was charged with building, implementing and sustaining a coaching culture. As part of this culture development process which included coach training, practice and oversight, leaders were awarded designations with the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) from the core designation of Registered Corporate Coach (RCC™) to the master designation (CMBC™). In her role as the Director of the coaching program, the coaching team met and exceeded key performance indicators relative to engagement, key talent retention, adoption and sustainment of change initiatives, and associate development.
Dr. Marshall has extensive experience in change management, leadership development, executive coaching, high performance behaviors, culture development, and team effectiveness strategies. She has a proven track record in guiding the development and success of groups and individuals from the board room to frontline leaders. Dr. Marshall is certified in a number of assessments including; DISC/Motivators; MBTI; FIRO B; Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Assessment; Hogan Suite; and Personalysis. Integrating these assessments into coaching practice provides clients with a depth of self-knowledge from which to guide conversations about making and sustaining change.
Dr. Marshall’s background includes work in financial services, academia, health care, sales and organizational development. She received her doctoral degree from Antioch University in Leadership and Change with a dissertation focused on outcomes in coaching. Recently she attained a second master’s degree from Middlesex University in London with a research project focused on coaching and motivation.

Dr. Marshall holds the CMBC™ (Certified Master Business Coach) designation with the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches. In addition, she has held various leadership positions with local and national coaching bodies. She is currently partnering with the Coaching Society at the University of Wales on coaching initiatives in Wales and is researching the sustainment of change.

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” It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. ” ~ Albert Einstein

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