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Diana Jones Ritter, CBC™

As a Managing Director of Imago Performance Consulting Group and faculty of The Global Institute of Coaching, Diana Jones Ritter advances the teaching and practice of coaching with immediately detectable passion and enthusiasm. What especially distinguished Diana is not only her knowledge and practical application of evidence-based coaching, but the influence of years of leadership experience. The lens she uses to help people and organizations improve performance is informed by over thirty-five years of leading a diversity of operations, managing transformational change and driving organizational improvements. Understanding the environment, culture and context for helping organizations and individuals is a core strength of her service delivery.

As a former Commissioner of the NYS Office of People with Development Disabilities, Ms. Ritter led a multi-billion-dollar budget, a workforce of 20,000 and led transformation of services to over 125,000 individuals and their families statewide. She also held the positions of Chief Strategy Office and the Deputy Commissioner of Organizational Development and Human Resources for the NYC Department of Environmental Protection with core responsibilities for unlocking people potential and driving organizational change. Similarly, as the Managing Director of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority she was tasked with facilitating greater synergy among its leadership team, overseeing change strategies, implementing organizational efficiencies and improving talent management. Diana also held leadership roles in the NYS Office of the State Comptroller and the NYS Department of Health and has held the position of Board Chair of the NYS Deferred Compensation Fund for nearly a decade. Her private experience includes management within Marriott Corporation and consultation to not-for-profit organizations within NYS within her own business, Real Pro Solutions LLC.

Diana has a proven track record in building strong leadership and operational teams, helping organizations and people manage transitions, implementing effective strategies for mentoring and coaching successors. She has substantial experience coaching employees with diverse backgrounds and has substantial experience coaching women and minorities in business and work settings. This combination of experience and commitment to the expectation of excellence within Imago Performance Consulting Group and the Global IOC makes Diana a highly effective and ideal teacher, coach and consultant to her customers.

Diana is certified by the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches with the core designation of Registered Corporate Coach (RCC™) and the Advanced Corporate Business Coach (CBC™). She is a proud alumnus of Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD. and is currently pursuing the Master of Professional Practice and Coaching at the University of Wales. She is married and a mom to two male millennials. Diana is an avid sports fan and amateur photographer.


” It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. ” ~ Albert Einstein

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